Different Types of Bonuses in Singapore Online Casinos

Casino Bonuses: What are they?

Bonuses are cash offers given to players enabling them to play with more than what they have deposited. Any player would like to earn more than the amount they pay. It is the rewards and offers that attract players to websites. So, bonuses indirectly create an influx in the number of customers.

How did Casino bonuses evolve to be what are they today?

For the virtual casinos, the major hindrance in their growth was the trust issue among the players because there were reports of several scams from different corners of the world. And to battle this situation, Online Casino Singapore came out with an innovative marketing & peer solution called attract customers with bonuses.

Casino bonuses that you should never miss, if you are a frequent visitor to online gaming sites

There are several & different types of casino bonuses. Out of them, these five are the most popular & important ones that shouldn’t be missed.

  1. Welcome bonus

As the name suggests, this bonus is given to the new players on creating an account with the website. This amount is credited directly into the player’s account, and the player is free to invest this amount in the game of their choice or as indicated by the gaming site. Usually, these bonuses cannot be withdrawn. Depending on the popularity of the website, the amount can vary. This bonus is directly linked to promotions on the website.

  1. Deposit bonus

Similar to the welcome bonus, the deposit bonus is accessible to the players when they invest real money at the beginning of the game. The amount given depends on the initial deposits you make. Both daily and monthly bonuses are available. This bonus forms a part of the future credits and comes with some terms and conditions.

  1. No deposit bonus

Few casinos offer no deposit bonus because it lacks initial deposits. They follow strict rules and regulations. Many people take advantage of this offer without signing up for the gaming site. Ultimately, the online casinos will ask for deposits to cash out the amount won. Therefore, it is most suitable for short-term matches.

  1. Free spins

Free spins are available in slot games and are considered the most accessible and safest player bonus. Every spin assures a reward without any loss to the players. It’s a type of promotional offer and comes as a part of a no deposit bonus. The number of free spins is predetermined. It is widespread in offline casinos too. Every free spin might not be real money; some will lead you to higher game levels or open new games.

  1. Cashback bonuses

The winning and losing chances in a casino are random. Cashback bonuses make your losses minimal, i.e., you may get back a portion of your lost money. This process also encourages the player to come back to play further. This bonus can be a part of free spins or a welcome bonus.

  1. Loyalty bonus

Also called the VIP bonus. Only regular customers can avail this bonus. These customers are put into VIP membership packages, and the cash payments will be faster. In addition, the VIP members get incentives for unlocking higher game levels.

Importance of Bonuses in the online gaming

The signup bonus is a technique to lure in new players & as well as win their trust. This bonus ensures the player doesn’t need to pay from his pocket the first time they visit the online gambling site. As soon as the player signs up, he will be provided with a decent amount of credits in his gaming wallet – so that he can bet & win games with that.

Again, the daily login bonus was devised to ensure the gambler is back to the same gaming platform every day, eventually becoming a habit. However, this requires a huge marketing budget that a few of the best Online Casino Singapore, like EUbet, can sustain.